ACV-R4M-AR Series (with Air Reset port)

  • Design: A spool type 4/2 hand-operated pneumatic switch, with a visual mechanical indicator that the switch has been operated. An air signal to the reset port prevents the switch from being actuated, until the reset port is vented. Ideally suited for connection to an air hand-brake relay to prevent the switch from being operated if the hand-brake is released. The ACV-R4M-AR is interchangeable with the ACV-R16 series, but features an anodised aluminium housing and port seal retaining plate. Additional to the ACV-R16 series the exhausts maybe piped away if required.
  • Port Sizes: 4mm PIF
  • Pressure: 0 - 13bar

ACV-R4M-AR-B Series (with Electrical Reset)

  • Design: Provides the function of the ACV-R4M-AR, but includes a 3/2 solenoid valve block, that pushes directly into ports 3 and 4 of the main PTO switch. Engaging the solenoid valve allows the PTO switch to be operated manually. Ideally suited for connection to the hand-brake applied warning lamp circuit.
  • Port Sizes: 4mm PIF
  • Pressure: 2.4 - 10bar

ACV-4E24 Series Reset Manifold (add-on)

  • Design: A solenoid operated 3/2 manifold block, supplied as a separate unit for service replacement or as an add-on to change the function of an ACV-R4M-AR switch.
  • Port Sizes: 4mm PIF
  • Pressure: 0 - 10bar