Airtac GZ Series Safety Shutoff Valve

Product Features

  • It is module design and can be coupled to the G/GA series F.R.L. combinations by a connecting bracket.
  • This valve can be used as a single in-line manual 3/2 way valve.
  • Visual indication marked EXH/SUP.
  • The valve meets the standard for installation conducted by an operator specified by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).
  • When the machinery is maintained and serviced, the purge valve (Safe on-off valve) for remaining pressure shall be used to eliminate the remaining pressure when the air source is cut off.
  • The valve must be locked to prevent accidental operation by a third party during maintenance.
  • This prevents accidental system pressurization & cylinder actuation which can result in injuries to the machine operator.

Last revised: September 19, 2023