Airtac M3 Series 3/2 Mechanical Valves

Product Features

  • Exhaust outlet locates over the body, which is convenient to install muffler to decrease noise and pollution.
  • The external force required by direction-change of series of M3B,M3R and M3L is provided by external mechanism, which can be used for position test or stroke switch.
  • M3C, M3D, M3Y, M3PF, M3PM, M3PP, M3PL and M3HS are operated manually, owning control joints with several structure forms and suitable for application under different conditions.
  • It is in sliding column structure that the control force is not influenced by working pressure (that is, there is no back pressure effect); internal circle is sealed with good tightness and the direction-change is sensitive.
  • No need to add oil for lubrication.
  • Multi-mounting makes it convenient to install and apply;
  • The control joints of series of M3C, M3D, M3Y, M3R, and
    M3L are made of metal which has long service life and more reliable and steady performance.
Last revised: August 18, 2023