Airtac S3 Series 3/2 Mechanical Valves

Product Features

  • The external force required by changing the direction of versions S3B, S3R, S3L and S3V is provided by an external mechanism, which can be used for position testing or stroke switching in automated systems.
  • Versions S3PF, S3PM, S3PP, S3PL, S3Y, S3HS, S3C and S3D are operated manually. The extensive range will satisfy most applications and different operating conditions.
  • The internal mechanism has good pneumatic tightness but has light operating forces when being operated.
  • Lubrication is not necessary.
  • Multi-mounting makes it convenient to install and apply.
  • The control mechanisms of versions S3C, S3D, S3Y, S3R and S3L are made of metal which has long service life with reliable and steady performance.
Last revised: September 18, 2023