Airtac TCL, TCM-Series JIC Tri-rod Cylinders

Product Features

  • The cylinders are in accordance with JIS standard..
  • Two guides, having special bearing steel and running in linear or brass bearings, are used to prevent rotating. They can bear high torque and radial load.
  • Steel ball linear bearings are suitable for elevation action of cylinder or the situation requiring high precision and high bearing ability, especially for the situation requiring small cylinder movements.
  • Brass sliding bearings are suitable for operation that has radial load resistance. Compared with normal cylinder in use, the horizontal impact resistance is doubled and has stronger torsion rigidity.
  • The drive and guide units are in the same barrel requiring no additional accessories and needing minimal space. The air intake is optional and it is convenient to install.
  • Options of switch mounting with the provision of four mounting slots.
  • Special design of main body provides multi-mount options.
Last revised: September 20, 2023