PTO Switches Overview

Mead Engineering Services Ltd manually operated 4/2 valves, rated to 13bar, that may be panel or dashboard-mounted. They include a safety pneumatic or electric reset facility, and a visual indicator that the valve has been operated. They have been specifically designed for switching Power Take-off (PTO) systems and incorporate a facility for handbrake interlocking.

In addition, a new air applied-to-operate version is available that is ideal for controlling Fuel Tanker Master, Vent and Foot control valves. The range is interchangeable with Mead Fluid Dynamics Ltd M02-090-*** series valves, but will operate with pressures up to 13bar.

The valve range may also be used in many other pneumatic applications where a manual 4/2 performance is required.

A new electrically operated module has been introduced that may be operated from the dashboard-mounted electrical momentary switch and has an electrical reset facility.